Safety guidelines

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Your data

Partysnap will at all times personally process your data and store it in a secure environment. As soon as your data is infringed, it will be destroyed immediately, so that it cannot be distributed.

Up To Date

Partysnap's system is always up to date and always runs on the latest and stable version, which have been checked by us and our hosting party. We also strictly adhere to the European Reply to report data leaks. All laws, regulations and advice imposed by authorities will be implemented where necessary.


Wanneer jouw gegevens zijn gestolen zal de redactie van Partysnap direct persoonlijk contact opnemen. Wanneer je vermoedens hebt van diefstal of inbraak in jouw gegevens, kan je direct contact opnemen via Wij zullen dan binnen 30 minuten antwoorden.

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